Hi, I'm Nitesh.

I'm a product designer currently working at HackerEarth in the beautiful city of Bangalore, India. I also enjoy taking photos, writing, drawing and eating pancakes.

Staying A Student

I’m a designer and the design landscape changes everyday. Every other day, they launch a new tool that is supposed to help you design faster. Or, there is a new skill that is mandatory for a designer to know or you’ll be left behind. It’s like a zombie apocalypse...

Good Design

I’ve always asked myself, “What makes something well designed?” Is it the colours, the material, the form, the delightful effects or the simplicity? Well, here is my definition. It is the touch of aluminium, that you know, can take a fall. It inculcates trust and confidence...

I'm always looking for exciting new projects to work on. Get in touch if you have something or just want to say hi.