I am a digital product designer* with a passion for building useful, considered and beautiful tools that help people do things more easily and efficiently, or introduce a completely new way of doing something. I enjoy working on complex problems that go beyond just the visual interface.

I started dabbling with design and code when I was an undergraduate at IIT Roorkee. After college, I started working at HackerEarth, leading end-to-end design process, from conception to launch. My design process ranges from broad system-level thinking to crafting minute interactions in pixel-perfect detail.

I love working with interdisciplinary teams, learning something new while doing it and making a positive impact.

*Having worked at startups, I’ve been called a web designer, visual designer, UX designer, etc. I’ve found that I’m rarely happy when confined to one bucket. I’d rather be hands-on through the entire end-to-end creative process. The idea is to build.