Product Design at HackerEarth
HackerEarth builds technology solutions to help companies hire software developers more efficiently. One such solution is HackerEarth Recruit. HackerEarth Recruit allows technical recruiters to conduct online programming tests to better assess developer skills.
My Role

I've been a part of HackerEarth for 2 years now and have had the pleasure of working on a wide range of products from a very early stage.

I joined HackerEarth as their 2nd product designer, when the company and product, both were in a nascent stage. I joined the B2B product team and was incharge of designing HackerEarth Recruit  — a SaaS application to help companies assess developer skills more effectively. I have been the only designer in the team.

I worked closely with developers, product managers, sales, senior management and the rest in a highly collaborative and hands-on process.

Below is a glimpse of some of the projects. To know the full process in detail, get in touch.

Recruit Dashboard

Recruit dashboard is the place where a technical recruiters can see their team's activity - live recruitment tests, live interviews, everything. It also serves as a place to access different products like tests, interviews and hackathons.

After interacting with some recruiters, we discovered that not all recruiters in a team were using all the products we had to offer but they were shown these products anyway which was getting in their way. For example - most of the recruiters aren't hackathon oraganisers. Also, as recruiters, they would like to keep a tab on all the live events as well as recently conducted events in the dashboard. This helped us compartmentalize the experience and people were shown only the products they chose to use.

HackerEarth Recruit dashboard and settings
Recruit Pricing Structure

In early November 2015, we set out to revisit our pricing strategy with a goal to make it more obvious, streamlined and transparent for our customers. We decided to move to a free-mium subscription model.

I designed the information architecture, UX flows and visuals for different components of the new pricing structure. Starting with the pricing page, I designed the billing and usage section, subscription plan change wizard, payment settings, flows for different edge cases, payment invoices and emails.

Since I was designing a B2B product, it was critical that I understood our customers and our business motivations. I took time to discuss with our founding members, the motivation behind rethinking the pricing structure and how we thought it will affect the way our customers use our product. And since I had never designed a pricing structure before, there was a tremendous amount of I could learn.

pricing page
Billing section and plan change wizard
Improving usability of test interface based on candidate feedback

HackerEarth provides an interface where the developers can take programming tests created by companies. Their programming skills are assessed based on how they perform in these tests. If they score well, they are shortlisted and are invited for further interview process by the companies.

This interface is very crucial because:

  1. It directly affected people’s prospects of getting a job.
  2. It's an interface for taking tests. Most users have never seen it before. This means that there can be absolutely no learning curve.

I recently redesigned the complete test taking experience of the user based on extensive user-study and feedback.

Some snaps of the new design

These are just some of the projects I did at HackerEarth over 2 years. To know about the full process in detail, get in touch.