TripNote is a handy trip planner that makes use of Google maps to help you plan your next trip. Most of it was built in a duration of one night at a promotional hackathon by Google and Github at IIT Roorkee. Tripnote was awarded the first prize.
My Work

My role was to conceptualize the idea, design UX flows and the user interface, keeping it simple enough so that it could be implemented in a short duration of time.

All The Information You Need

With just one click, find addresses and websites related to tourist destinations, hotels or restraunts. Tripnote also provides ratings and reviews by people to let you decide whether or not add a place to your itinerary.

Plan Your Trip

To plan a trip, just add places to your itinerary and start adding activities you wish to do there. TripNote lets you export your itinerary in PDF format and also share it with your friends, family or your fellow trip-mates.