Hi, I'm Nitesh. 👋
I'm a Senior Product Designer with 5+ years of experience in solving complex business problems through intuitive interfaces that delight. 🎉
I'm currently designing at Helpshift, enabling brands to provide stellar customer support.
Redesigning the Helpshift Messaging Experience

Helpshift, 2019 - 20

Lately, I have been focused on re-designing the Helpshift messaging experience, crafting minute interactions with the simple aim of making a customer support conversation a delightful experience.

Enabling Brands to Localise their Customer Support Experience

Helpshift, 2018

I designed the tools that enable brands to provide customer support to their users in their language.

Helpshift Custom Bots

Helpshift, 2017 - 18

I extended the capabilties of Helpshift Custom Bots after the initial launch in 2017. I was tasked with enabling the bots to alter the route of conversation based on user's response, and to retrieve information from 3rd party systems.