Hi, I'm Nitesh 👋
Digital product designer with over 7 years of experience in solving complex business problems through delightful interfaces. 🎉
Currently open to new opportunities.
Featured work
Supercharging Spreadsheet Workflows with Layer

Layer, 2021 - 22  |  with Kelly and Christian

At Layer, we set out to design Github for spreadsheets. The focus was on making spreadsheet workflows collaborative while providing complete control and transparency to the spreadsheet owners.

I was responsible for redesigning granular sharing of spreadsheet data and enabling the spreadsheet owners to assign Tasks to their collaborators.

Rethinking the Customer Support Conversation

Helpshift, 2019 - 20  |  Solo

Lately, I have been focused on re-designing the Helpshift messaging experience, crafting minute interactions with the simple aim of making a customer support conversation a delightful experience.

Enabling Brands to Localise their Customer Support Experience

Helpshift, 2018 - 19 |  with Parul

I designed the tools that enable brands to provide customer support to their users in their language.

Helpshift Bots

Helpshift, 2017 - 18  |  with Bhargava

I extended the capabilties of Helpshift Custom Bots after the initial launch in 2017. I was tasked with enabling the bots to alter the route of conversation based on user's response, and to retrieve information from 3rd party systems.