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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I'm a Senior Product Designer, currently based in Bangalore, India. I enjoy building useful, considerate and beautiful tools that help people do things more easily and efficiently, or introduce a completely new way of doing something.

I think in systems and enjoy solving ambiguous problems through intuitive interfaces. I believe there is an inherent beauty in a simple, modular and well thought-out solution, even if it's on a paper. A generalist at heart, I love being involved throughout the end-to-end creative process. The thing I love about building things is that you get to do it with other people and learn from each other. I believe in asking difficult questions (both, myself and others) and speaking my mind.

I used to work at Layer, where we were envisioning and designing a new and better way for people to collaborate on spreadsheets.

Prior to that, I was at Helpshift, designing B2B SaaS tools that enable brands like Square, Microsoft, and Brex to provide customer support to 820 million consumers every month.

I started my design career at HackerEarth, where I primarily worked on a hiring platform to enable companies hire tech talent more effortlessly.

After designing for over 7 years, I am coming back from a career break and currently looking for new design work. If you'd like to discuss an interesting opportunity or just want to say hi, please don't hesitate to reach out.